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Spawning from the longtime NJ punk act Bomb Paris, Books... showcases the acoustic side of frontman Brian Paris's songwriting abilities. Drawing from early the indie greats ranging from Built to Spill to Elliott Smith, Books… refuses to be pinned down to one specific style, and Brian constantly innovates thanks to the wealth of experience and technology he has, literally, at his feet. He sings about old friends, hard work, and the cost of technology in a way that is not strictly pessimistic but causes the listener to evaluate their place in the modern world. His music is largely just guitar and vocals, but with his various strumming, plucking, tapping, sliding, and looping techniques, the music of Books… requires nothing else. It’s an instantly recognizable sound and a truly original take on acoustic music.

Brian has been musically active for over two decades, and he has been in a variety of bands that have performed across America and Europe, including his collaboration with Craig Cirinelli, Hidden Cabins. Today, Books... plays everywhere in the Tri-State area, and Brian enjoys selling his CDs and sharing stories with fans and fellow musicians at his shows. The music of Books... has also graced the silver screen: the song 'Bottles' was used in the horror film The Morningside Monster, which debuted at film festivals across the country in early 2014. Brian is a lifetime resident of New Jersey, and when not out sharing his music with the world, currently resides in Vernon, NJ.


released June 17, 2014

“Maypoles” & “Capo 7th Fret”
recorded and mastered by Joe
Stracquatanio at Lighthouse Studios

“Fly Past The Sun” & “Black, White And
Red All Over” recorded and mastered
by John Naclario at Nada Studios

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